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HOW OUR WORK IS DONE. counterfeit money ireland

counterfeit money ireland

We are a long-term partner to both state and private printers of banknotes and security documents around the world. We are a trusted supplier of banknote paper to over 100 countries, including the Eurozone. Our research and technology expertise enables us to bring innovative new substrates and security features to the market, setting the standards in the industry. Our engineering expertise enables us to conduct construction and upgrade projects for paper mills, print works and mints worldwide.

Banknote Paper. counterfeit money ireland

We offers banknote printers a complete cotton-based banknote substrate portfolio to perfectly match the requirements typical of different denominations. Banknote printers can trust in our reliable service delivery of secure substrates with excellent runnability and high print quality. Each substrate embeds security features to create inherently secure banknotes and has a similar cotton banknote look and feel that guarantees public acceptance.

Polymer Substrate.

We brings cotton-based and polymeric-based substrates together in an innovative new Hybrid banknote that combines the advantages of both. Hybrid displays similar durability to polymer substrates but maintains the advantages of embedded security features and the trusted feel of cotton banknotes. With excellent print performance and strong intaglio tactility during its lifetime, Hybrid is an ideal platform for printing innovative features.

Security Paper.

We offers security printers a portfolio of different security papers for specialist applications within passports and other identification documents, checks, share certificates etc. Security printers can trust in our reliable service delivery of secure substrates with excellent runnability and high print quality. Each security paper embeds security features to create documents that are protected against counterfeiting.

Plant Engineering

From the planning up to the initial commissioning of complete high-security printing plants or components of them, Louisenthal stands beside its customers when they are building their own production plants. Based on know-how gained from actual experience, our experts analyze the requirements of the customer.

Security Features

We offers banknote and security printers an extensive range of security features that are achieved through secure complex processes to ensure protection against counterfeiting.

About Us

There is absolutely no doubt in the fact that with the Internet and the limitless technological advancements over the last two decades, the world as we know it is fast evolving. Most of the daily process in all sectors of an individual’s life.

Hybrid brings the advantages of paper banknotes and polymer banknotes together in an innovative combination of protective polyester film around a cotton fiber core. Synthec is the enhanced durable banknote substrate for improved quality throughout the banknote’s lifetime. LongLife is the durable banknote substrate for improved quality lifetime. Cotton paper has been in use for hundreds of years and continues to be the basis for all the world’s major currencies.

Benefits of cotton banknotes for central banks.

Cotton banknotes provide central banks with a cost-effective payment medium that is publicly accepted, secure against counterfeiting, and functional during processing and circulation. Trusted for their convenience, cotton banknotes are ideal for displaying attractive security features in prestigious banknote design. With embedded security features and their familiar intaglio print, cotton banknotes have a unique feel that effectively serves to prevent counterfeits from being accepted.

Trusted basis for the world’s major currencies. Over 98% of the world’s population uses cotton-based banknotes, trusting their familiar tactile feel as the first deterrent against acceptance of a counterfeit.

Security against counterfeiting built in. Exclusive customization of the paper with embedded overt and covert security features plus the restricted availability of the cotton banknote material and production process safeguard its security.

Excellent value option. Cotton banknote paper is cost-effective, providing high value at low cost. Cotton banknotes constitute a very effective, universally accepted payment medium that is both secure and functional during processing and in circulation.

Trusted supply from Louisenthal. As a long-term partner to the world’s central banks, customers trust our proven research and technology expertise, as well as our reliable service delivery.

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