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Paper. Our counterfeit euro money is printed on a pure cotton paper with a crisp and firm texture.
Embossed ink. Run your fingers over the bill and you can feel it. A. Letter in relief, which is usually the initials of the Central Bank.
Filigree. It shows the value of the banknote and the architectural design, with a clever color transition under light.
Security thread. The word “euro” and the value of the denomination embedded in the paper, appearing as a dark stripe when looking at the light. Buy undetectable fake euros

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Technological advances have created some of the most sophisticated currencies in history that are difficult to replicate. The euro is one of them, with a large circulation in 19 countries of the European Union. It is the second largest currency in the world, with some of the most counterfeit resistant security features embedded into the note. At Counterfeit Doc, we keep up with him. A. latest wave of security enhancements, and our team has done a commendable job mastering feature replication.

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selling counterfeit goods in ireland


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